David & Jayd

April 16, 2019


Usually I hear from brides weeks, months and sometimes even a year in advance, plenty of time to meet up and chat over coffee about their dreams for the day and then plenty of time to get all the details needed and still time to feel completely organised and ready for the big day.  But not this couple.  Less then 2 weeks out I got an email asking us if we were available (which thankfully we were being it was an awesomely timed Thursday wedding!) and that was it.  No time for coffee chats, no time to meet up.  The bride was full steam ahead in wedding preparations so to say i was a little nervous rocking up to Jayd's parents place to meet the bride for the first time would be an understatement.  However even then the bride was running late and not even at the house so i had time to meet her fabulous parents who we instantly realised were South African and with my time spent in South Africa this immediately felt like home as I have found South African's to be the most overwhelmingly welcoming people. 

A little while later the bride rocked up and you would think it would be chaos with time slipping away, but not with Jayd, it all finally made sense, even with a baby to organise this bride was nothing but chilled.  Getting her little one dressed before worrying about herself everything was just so calm and easy.  and this wasn't just the bride, a message to the groom to give a heads up that the bride was running late was simply met with the happy response that he had more time to patiently wait for her.  

So to finally see these two amazingly chilled people come together and declare their love for each other was something pretty special,  With their little man, Oakley, watching from his Grandmothers arms in the stunning chapel of the Tatra the day couldn't have been more perfect.  The forest gave the perfect shade and colours as the bride and groom enjoyed moments together with their family, son and bridal party.  Nothing was to much for this couple.  With their lively bridal party they smiled, danced, walked and jumped their way through their photoshoot but quite possibly my most favourite part was when their little man Oakley was in the shots.  Babies don't like to cooperate at the best of times let alone on a big day like his mummy and daddy's wedding day with all the excitement and lack of sleep.  It was in this moment that if the ever chilled couple was gonna loose their cool it would have been then but instead with a sad and tired Oakley and a photographer just trying to get that one shot, suddenly out came a phone and music began to play as the bridal party burst into a round of "baby shark... do do do do do do"  and right on queue Oakleys face lit up and his legs started kicking and the calmness of the day continued.

David & Jayd's day was just perfect, perfectly them. No fuss, no big grand over the top moments, just them, their family and their love.  Even the marriage certificate was signed privately using a happy to oblige groomsmen's back as a table.  Their day was simple, yet magical and oh so full of love for this little family as they became one.  Thank you David & Jayd for letting us be part of this perfect day.  may you continue your adventure with all the love in the world.

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