Gender Reveal

January 25, 2019

 So I absolutely love gender reveals, maybe because I have always found out what I'm having and love the surprise and getting to ring my family and friends and tell them and also because I don't remember these gender reveal parties being around when I had my babies, so to get to call to ask if you would film one for not only one of our gorgeous couples who we also filmed their wedding for but also life long friends!

The most exciting part was this fabulously creative couple always know how to do things awesome so there was no pink or blue cake, no gender reveal lasagne (um, yeah,, thats a thing apparently!) but instead it was a smoke bomb set to go off in front of a stunning sunflower field.  Could I be more excited!!  

The couple shared a moment together before asking friends and family to join them.  The only person who knew the gender was the photographer who then secretly told the brother in law who set the colour up as Mumma and Dadda to be along with their guests closed their eyes and tried to contain their excitement.  As the blue (or more like purple, smoke filled the air the photographer yelled "open!" as both Paul and Ell and their family and friends screamed with excitement to see the little bubba growing in Ell's belly was a boy!!!

Considering I have 4 boys which i absolutely adore this was the best news ever for me personally and seemed to make all the family and guests happy to! 

I can't wait to meet Paul and Ell's little man and snuggle him, until then Congrats Paul and Ell on the news you're having a son and i hope he continues to grow perfectly until its time to meet him. x #seeyousoonlittleman



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