Tim & Kate

February 9, 2019


Rain is meant to be good luck on your wedding day, sunshine is hoped for and wind is mostly unwanted.  So what about a wedding day that has all three?? Easy! Especially when you have a couple like Tim & Kate who take every little thing in their stride. 

Their day started with a sky full of sunshine and nothing but smiles across their faces.  As we heading for their photoshoot at the most furthest point on Melbourne's peninsula the wind decided to give us its best shot and we were sure as we pulled up the shoot location that there was no way the bride would want to hop out of her calm, warm, still car, but before the thought had even finished in my mind the bride and groom were out in the windy chaos and the beginnings of rain with smiles across their faces and the words "lets do this!" and with that we were off.  We stood on hills, lookout points, and walked through old war tunnels and when the run got to hard, but nothing would stop them enjoying their day.  And with the grooms positive outlook that "it won't rain on our wedding day' it was like the heavens heard him and with smiles and persistence the rain faded and the sun came back out as the bride and groom took a moment to enjoy the quiet calm and the scenic backdrop before the said their I Do's and celebrated with all their nearest and dearest.

But the calmness didn't last that long, as it turned out, along with her positive attitude and constant smile there was also a very fun crazy side to our bride.  Kate was no ordinary bride, she had decided her wedding day was going to be exactly like her every day life, fun, crazy and full of laughter.  With dancing, crazy laughs and lots of butt slapping this bride had us laughing from the start.  Wether it was funny kisses or 'Dirty Dancing' style jumps this bride was going to enjoy her day the best way she could.  This was no more evident then when she swapped her bridal high heeled shoes for a pair of converse so she could rip up the dance floor as she and her groom along with their bridal party and parents entered the reception with one of the funniest reception entry dances I have ever seen.   

The groom also had a few surprises up his sleeve, from enjoying a good spray of champagne with his groomsmen to presenting all the male wedding guests with a party shirt to dance the night away in was just one of the fun elements to make sure that this wedding day was for everyone.  Even surprising the guests with a delivery of cheeseburgers as the reception was in full swing.

Tim and Kate made sure their day was everything they had imagined and celebrated it with everyone they loved and who loved them back, which was evident in how many of the guests and bridal party members took party in setting up, cooking, decorating and cleaning to ensure the day went of without a hitch.  Their positive attitudes and constant smiles never left their faces and nothing seemed to faze them on their ever changing day.  Wether it was the tide coming in that forced them to  move their ceremony further up the beach, or the ever rising waves that wet the shoes of those who had chosen to not go bare footed.  Wether it was the relentless wind that continued to whip around or the glitter champagne popper that neither glittered or popped nothing took the smiles of Tim & Kate's faces.  

This was their day, the day they had tirelessly planned for, dreamed of and organised and nothing was going to stop this day being awesome and with these two they only way they know how to do life is awesomely.  So to Tim & Kate, thank you for letting us be part of your fabulously funny, crazy wedding day and I hope you continue to have a butt slapping, mad laughing life together. x



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