Alan & Brooke

February 23, 2019


Brooke wanted her wedding to be an experience for her guests.  She wanted it to be as special for her guests as it was for her and her groom.

As an events planner Brooke had dreamt and created her perfect wedding day long before it happened.  From changing her wedding date to ensure she got the band and photographer she wanted to getting married and celebrating at the very place she had created and organised perfect wedding days for other brides before.

So many little details and perfect things were noticed as soon as we arrived to find Brooke getting ready.  The house had been hired to ensure all her special people could be there to stay and prepare for the day and not only that the even the house worked in with Brooke's day with its colours and textures.  I also loved that both Brooke and Alan's mums were both getting ready with Brooke.  This wedding was 10 years in the making so the relationships that have formed over these years was evident.  Both her mum and mum-to- be helping her prepare for this special day.  The second thing i noticed was Brooke's bouquet.  it had cotton wool! This may be a thing now but i have never seen it and I was absolutely in love!  (I take all these little ideas and store them in my brain to enjoy thinking of what my wedding would could have been like if 15 years ago I had had ANY idea of how creative a wedding could be)  Every flower in the bouquets was just stunning and worked together in texture and colour to just make you want it to stare at it for hours!  Then there was Brooke's dress, or should I say Skirt or should I say Skirts (plural).  I guess the problem with knowing exactly what you want means you may not be able to actually find it but not Brooke, she found it and she even found it second hand!  With some slight fixes and modifications Brooke got ready in her amazing lace bodice suit and then gently added the skirt the left her stunning silhouette showing amidst the daintiness of her first lace skirt.  People use the saying "she was a vision" and there is literally no other way to describe Brooke as she made the finishing touches and enjoyed the realisation that her bridal gown was exactly as she ha planned and with that she swirled and swayed in the sunshine which when in a skirt like that you literally should not stop doing!

When we arrived at the venue we found a slightly nervous but very excited groom waiting for his bride.  Brooke had wanted a small clip of her groom and herself sending each other messages before the special day which i absolutely love the idea of so we quickly snuck the groom away to film his private message before it was time for the ceremony to start.

The ceremony was lead by Alan's Grandad.  I think it's a big thing to chose someone to be celebrant or MC etc as you they have a lot of control on how the day can unfold and the feel of the day but when it came to Alan's Grandad running the ceremony you couldn't have picked a more perfect person.  The way he spoke about the couple and understood them both, the advice he had for them as they begin their life as husband and wife was just so wonderful and heartfelt.  He made everyone feel at ease and made the ceremony that much more special  He even managed to organise the whole wedding guest list into the quickest and easiest wedding photo I've ever witnessed!

From there we enjoyed the fun and gorgeous pics of Alan and & Brooke with their bridal party amongst the beautiful surrounds of Killara Estate before it was time for the Bride & Groom to enjoy a meal with their guests.  Not before noticing that all their name cards were personalised leather key chains, and did i mention the simple little wooden swing that the groom whipped up for his guests to sit and enjoy the views on?  

The last of the highlights was the quick skirt change to an even more sheer and flowing skirt for our golden hour moments, and just like she's planned it herself it was perfect!  It took a bit of crazy driving and racing to catch it in time but we did it and those few minutes up on a hill watching a couple enjoy the warmth of the setting sun and getting lost in each other are always my favourites.  Moments made and captured, special moments amongst a special day.  Listening to a couple talk about their day, the wonderful things that have happened and those that are yet to happen.   Its my favourite moment.

I hope Alan & Brooke continue to have many more of those special moments in life.

Enjoy this wonderful adventure Mr & Mrs Winchester #winchesterwed


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