David & Teagan

January 19, 2019


As if getting to film a persons most special day isn’t already the most awesome job, its even more awesome when that person is someone you’ve known all you life.  

On the 19th January we were there to capture Dave marry Teagan in one of the most romantic weddings.  I don’t know many guys like Dave, who wear their hearts on their sleeve and are proud to do so.  Dave is such a sweet romantic guy so to be there to see him commit his life to his new bride was about as romantic as it gets. 

As he prepared himself and his grooms for the big day, instead of nerves, there was nothing but excitement and pride for what he was about to do.  Dave took the time to help his son Henry get ready.  Dave gave Henry his gifts for the day and help him with his bow tie and shoes before sharing a handshake and a moment to acknowledge that the little team of two was soon to become three. 

Meanwhile Teagan and her bridesmaids had stayed at the gorgeous cottage at Barn 1890 near McLarenvale in South Australia.  Teagan has such an amazing eye for detail and throughout the day this could be seen.  From personalised drinking glasses and gifts for the bridesmaids and groomsmen to special gifts for her husband t be on their special day.  including personalised socks! (Just incase the groom got cold feet) Even the guests were treated to “meant to bee” jars of honey and comfy shoes for those wanting to dance.

Its always fun getting to travel and see different wedding venues and Barn1890 didn’t disappoint.  Everywhere you looked was picturesque and suited Dave & Teagan’s Boho style wedding, from the macrame flower filled backdrop to the water stations and photo booth all spread out amongst the stunning grounds of Barn 1890.

The bride was walked to the start of the aisle by her adoring mum before taking her grandfathers arm to walk the remainder of the way.  The groom stood waiting for his bride with tears in his eyes even before he saw her.  With his son by his side Dave and Teagan exchanged their vows making promises to each other to last a life time.  When it came to Henry to pass the rings Teagan took the time to make a promise to Henry to not only commit her life to his father but to him as well.  Like I said, I always find weddings romantic and emotional but its harder to film when you have tears welling up in your own eyes as well! 

After the ceremony Dave & Tegan along with their bridal party, where whisked away for some romantic and some fun photos, which literally epitomizes this couple. One minute you will find this couple lost in one another’s eyes, as Dave would fix a stray strand of hair from Teagan’s face before being lost in a passionate kiss and the next moment the couple would be sharing a drink a laugh.  We captured it all, for me, the best wedding video is a real one, a truly authentic version of your day, wether its the laughs, the dancing or those more personal moments. It is what it is, your day and your moments, and don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean we can’t try and make it epic.  Dave and Teagan were up for it, that moment, that photo, that shot, and so we went for it, we drove, we walked, we climbed under fences and ran up a mountain till we were on top of the world literally watching the sun set on the horizon.  Those moments are worth it, not only for the moments captured but the moments experienced, Dave and Teagan, taking a moment together amongst the fun and excitement of the day, to stand together in an embrace and watch the sun go down.  That moment, part of their amazing day, will be remembered forever and I have the honour of capturing it for them.

As we farewelled the sun and watched the sky turn an incredible pink it was time to head back to their party where speeches were made and Dave sung Teagan and surprise song he had written for her before they danced the night away.  The Maid of honour had mentioned Tegan was known for being the last to leave a party and her wedding was no exception.  Even after the the guests officially farewelled the bride and groom it was the bride who held back to farewell and thank each of her guests.  Another testament to this couple and their love and loyalty to those around them.  The best man said it best during his speech when he said “

I am so truly happy for you both Dave & Teagan and i wish you a lifetime of happiness. 



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