Evgeni & Jaimi

November 30, 2018

A wedding is something most brides spend a long time dreaming about and then when the time comes they spend a long time planning, making sure every detail is organised and the wedding day goes off without a glitch. The only thing is you can’t control the weather so when you spend a week before the wedding watch the skies open and the rain never end you’d think you’d have a stressed out bride on your hands but not Jaimi, she had her wedding so well organised that you’d think she had even spoken to Mother Nature herself and requested the sun to shine on her day, because it did! The sun came out and Jaimi and Evgeni's wedding day was the most perfect sunshine, slight cloud cover with a little breeze type day you could have asked for to make this outdoor wedding come true before the rain began to fall again the very next day.
From the minute we arrived Jaimi and Evegeni were relaxed and getting prepared in their homes only metres apart from each other. Both seemed equally ready and prepared to start their adventure together as the cars arrived to take them to their first stop, which was not the ceremony. Jaimi and Evgeni decided to start their adventure a little early by finding a picturesque location near Healesville to have

their “first view” together. While Evgeni waited patiently, Jaimi walked to greet him to share an intimate first moment together. The bridal party then enjoyed some time to celebrate and admire the new couple before being whisked into some photos. When I say the day was perfect weather wise, I would even go further to say the day was perfect in every way! The time of year had also allowed every flower to bloom in every colour of the rainbow from the white blossoms that matched Jaimi’s dress and her bouquet to the pink blossoms that just screamed love as they floated down over the new couple. From the perfect blue sky to all the lush green. Even a beautiful kookaburra graced the guests with its presence in the tree in the centre of the ceremony grounds (he also did something on both me and my camera and then laughed about it that I won’t mention) Everything about the day, every moment of the day was perfect for this couple as the bride constantly uttered the words “I don’t want this to end”.
From the walk down the aisle to the Russian toast, from the special moments between the bride and her Nan to the bride and groom dance, from the hilarious speeches to the delicious canapés, everything flowed perfectly allowing Jaimi and Evgeni to immerse themselves in their special day. This couple have already achieved so much together and to begin their new life together in a place so close to both their hearts with their future dreams awaiting them is so exciting, I can’t wait to see this adventure unfold.

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