Shaun & Lauren

July 25, 2018


Don’t work with animals or children they say.  Little do they know my favourite things to work with are animals and children!  This wedding had no animals but this Bride and Groom had 6 children, so it suited me perfectly!  You would also think a wedding including 6 children would be a bit chaotic but this couple makes having 6 children look easy!  

We met their 10 year old first as he calmed his nerves and filled his belly on a happy meal while the Groom and Groomsmen got themselves ready for the day ensuring shirts were ironed, suits looked good and shoes and socks made it onto feet.  Finally it was his time for dad to help him get ready so he could be part of his mum and dads special day.

Next we headed to the Bride who was staying at a gorgeous house nestled in the Dandenongs where she was getting the final touches with the help of her 13 year old daughter.  Bows were tied and jewellery added and the Bride was ready.  A Bride, a mum.  Calm, happy and glowing.  The Bride was supported by her sisters and childhood friends as her bridesmaids who took on the roll of not only bridesmaids but babysitters, child wranglers and hairdressers to the youngest children.  As the photo’s began getting taken the calmness continued to fill the room even as the 4 year old little lady continually wanted to be close to her mumma and see what was unfolding or the sneaky eyes of the 6 year old little man who would occasionally peer up from the stairwell to see what all the fuss was about.  Finally it was their turn to have the photos taken, getting not only the brides 5 children but her niece and nephew all onto one chair to get captured is no easy thing but with a few giggles and jokes and the brides constant calmness it turned out to be quite easy!

With moments captured and children packed it was time to head to the beautiful Lyrebird Falls so the Bride could see her Groom.

As the doors opened the twin 4 year olds ran down the aisle into the arms of their Daddy who scooped them up with kisses and hugs.  The other children then followed including the 6 year old holding a sign which read “I only came for the cake” until finally the Bride made her entrance in her stunning soft pink strapless dress as she walked though the quaint chapel to join together with her Groom.  

Marriage is always such a special commitment, to love forever, to be there for each other through thick and thin, but for these two, it was the commitment the Groom made to their eldest four children to not just marry their mum but commit to those children to being their Father and loving them unconditionally.  This was accepted and shown through the speech of their 10 year old who said “I’m really really excited for Mum and Dad to be getting married today.  Dad I am really happy that you are taking us to be your children, its makes me feel so grateful and excited…. I love you both and everyone else in our family.” 

The reception was full of laughs and dancing as guests enjoyed the caricature artist, the Photo Booth and Krispy Kreme donut cake but my favourite moment was when one of the Bride’s youngest girls heard her Ed Sheehan song come on as she ran to her mum to be held and danced with during her favourite song.  And even as the reception continued to go in full swing the Bride found her self having a quite moment to get her youngest little ladies into their pyjamas as the tiredness started setting in and the younger ones started finding spots to rest their little heads and enjoy some cuddles with the Lady of the day, their mumma, the Bride.

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