Scott & Shenae

May 22, 2018

It’s always fun getting to know our future couples before their wedding day but we always find out so much more about them on their special day. Just watching a couples day unfold can tell you so much about them as individuals and as a couple. This wedding was no exception. We very quickly learnt what a family orientated couple Scott & Shenae were and what a sentimental bride Shen was. This blog would almost be easier to write in bullet point, because there was so many little moments throughout the day that showed this. Firstly, Shenaes bridesmaids were her sister and lifelong friends, friends who have grown up together and been there for each other through so much. These girls spent the night before the wedding even making their own bouquets together! Then there was Shenae’s dress which had been lovingly made by her grandmother, Shenae has also secretly had a special message embroidered into her fathers coat jacket for the special day. Then there was the moment Shenae was surprised to find that that Scott had managed to get hold of her bridal shoes prior to the wedding day and written a love note on the bottom of the shoes for her. The whole wedding morning was filled with special messages being given from the brides sister to the bride and gifts and notes from the bride to her parents. All of which resulted in laughter, smiles and tears flowing. The sentimental moments didn’t stop there either. Scott and Shenae’s whole ceremony and reception was held on Shenae’s fathers farm and even the family dog, Cedar, walked down the aisle and was an important part of the day. During the ceremony the importance of family, was shown again, with the celebrant sharing marriage tips and advice from many of Scott & Shenae’s family members. The rest of the evening continued to be filled with speeches and stories of Scott & Shenae’s love for their families and each other all spoken by friends and family who have been part of their lives for so long which is yet again proof that this couple is committed to not only those around them but especially each other, a couple who is unconditionally loyal and finds love and friendship the most important thing above anything else. Congrats Mr & Mrs Boyd #yeahtheboyds

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