Daniel & Brianna

May 16, 2018

 I have been waiting for this wedding day for so long! This bride went from being a gorgeous baby who sat on my knee, to a little girl I would babysit and dance around the house with, to a young lady who would share her stories with me to becoming one of my closest friends. A few years ago a conversation began about would I make it to Bali If that’s where she decided to get married and my response was, I will be at your wedding no matter where it is.
And on the 10th of March that day happened, here in Bali. In the most amazing place called Villa The Sanctuary. Tucked away in Canggu is this jungle paradise with its stunning villas, infinity pool and its own river. We travelled with Brianna and Daniel the night before to an amazing waterfall to capture their last night before becoming husband and wife and then Saturday was the big day.
Brianna spent the morning with her bridesmaids and family listening to music and even having a dip in the pool before the offical preparations began, the flowers arrived, makeup was done and it was time to get dressed. Seeing Brianna in her dress was truly breathtaking, the full length lace dress with its stunning trail topped off by the equally long veil suited her beyond perfect.
The guests had arrived and were ushered to the lawn for the ceremony as they awaited the brides arrival. Daniel waited anxiously trying to spot his bride coming down the path in the distance. Just watching the grooms face you could see the moment he saw his bride, the tears came and the overwhelming emotion was evident. The moment that had been talked about and dreamt about for so long. The moment he would marry the love of his life in their dream wedding in Bali, and it was happening now. The bridesmaids, made up of Brianna’s best friends and sisters each giving their smile of approval to the groom as they walked down the aisle and Daniel returned each smile as an unspoken commitment to each of them that he would love and adore their sister and friend forever.
Brianna walked across the lawn arm in arm with her father and was lovingly handed over to her groom where you could see the groom trying to hold back from embracing and kissing his bride straight away.
The ceremony was run by Brianna’s cousin which always gives that bit more intimacy to a wedding when someone who knows you so deeply is there to help begin your new life as husband and wife. Rings were exchanged and heartfelt vows were spoken before the new couple were introduced before being congratulated and showered in rose petals.
Then it was time to steal the new couple away for some private shoots. Firstly to the beach, as the bride had hoped for some beach moments and then onto the rice fields. Such stunning moments as Daniel led his new bride through the fields with the sun setting behind them. As the day turned to night it was time for the new Mr and Mrs to join their guests at their incredible reception. Long tables flowing with flowers and candles and the bridal table which included lights, candles and flowers cascading from above, all with the stunning Bali greenery of the resort behind them.
The reception was full of delicious food and funny heart felt speeches from the family and friends all proving how not only loved both Brianna and Daniel are but how evident their love for each other is.
The whole day revolved around family, from the sisters as bridesmaids, to her cousin as celebrant to Brianna’s Aunty as MC the whole day was proof that family is everything. So it was no surprise that even the bride and grooms first dance was quickly followed by the father daughter dance then followed by extended family joining them on the dance floor. Always a fun time as the formalities of a wedding come to an end and the music turns up louder and the shoes come off and friends and family come together to sing and dance and enjoy the night. And this day was no exception. Guests even taking to dancing on the lawn when there was no room left on the dance floor. The dancing was only interrupted when ‘single ladies’ was played as the bride ushered all the single ladies onto the lawn to catch the bouquet, which was bodily caught by one very determined guest who clearly wanted to be part of this amazing close knit family.
A wedding in Bali was always going to be a warm wedding day, add to that wearing a wedding gown and then dancing in the wedding gown it was only fitting the bride gather her groom and bridal part and led their guests to the pool where on the count of three the entire bridal party jumped into the pool followed closely by each guests as their names were chanted to come and join the bridal party in the pool.
The day was filled with literal love and laughter, from the vows and the words at the ceremony to the speeches the whole day was a constant reminder of what this couple is all about, love laughter and family. It’s always been that way with them and I know it always will. Here’s to you Mr and Mrs Bakker.

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