Coop & Zoe

May 3, 2018


We had been very excited about Coop and Zoe’s wedding from the minute we met them, not only did they seem very in love and looking forward to a the day they would celebrate that love with all their family and closest friends they also seemed to not quite have all the plans figured out which told us that this wedding was going to be more about the love then the fine details. We were a little wrong because the fine details were still all there and the day went perfectly (except for a slight hurricane of wind that decided to pick up right as the ceremony was starting) but what we were right about was that this day was all about the love. The love between these two people is undeniable. From the minute we arrived at the grooms place his only concern was that we get to the bride and not keep her waiting (or stressing) as this was ‘her’ day. And from the minute we arrived at the brides accommodation her thoughts were on him.
Zoe got ready for her special day in the most amazing house with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the vineyards and welcoming the sunshine but nothing could take away the view of Zoe in her dress. Her created and designed dress made by Kara Jade Designs was breathtaking.
Once ready it was time for Coops and Zoe to get married. Waiting for Zoe, Coops could hardly stand still let alone face the front without constant peeks over his shoulder he was unprepared for seeing his bride for the first time and his reaction said it all. There’s nothing that sums up adoration and pure love like the look on a grooms face when he sees his bride for the first time. After beautiful vows and poems the new Mr & Mrs were announced to the cheer of family and friends.

 While the guests enjoyed lawn games and ice creams it was the chance for Zoe and Coop to slip away and enjoy their first moments as a new couple. The love was evident as we filmed the couple talking laughing and sharing kisses. Many of these moments continuing on long after the camera stopped rolling. The brides words said it perfectly - “We kept getting so lost in one another that we forgot anyone was watching..”
The reception was fun and relaxed with the guests enjoying canapés and listening to the speeches, but the highlight was the grooms speech to his bride that was so full of love and admiration for his new bride, after which he asked her for their first dance which the groom had secretly organised one of their closest friends to sing. Those organic moments can be hard to capture as everything happens so fast but what we did get was the moment the bride realised her friend was singing and the overwhelming emotion between the bride and groom and they danced together, crying, laughing and embracing.
We meet our future couples as strangers but by the time we get to moments like these we are so invested in these couples you feel part of their journey and these moments bring a tear to our eyes to watch couples so in love, starting their adventure together.
Congrats Mr and Mrs Coops

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