Rowan & Leonie

March 16, 2017



When you see the weather forecast that tells you it will be cold, wet and windy on your wedding day it doesn't sound fun.  

When your maid of honour who is pregnant with twins ends up in hospital the night before your wedding you wouldn't be blamed for thinking its not a good sign….

But not this Bride. 

Leonie was “cool, calm and collected” on her wedding morning.  From taking on the weather forecast as a challenge to ensuring her maid of honour was priority.  Right up until 20 minutes before the ceremony as the maid of honour arrived and was whisked into hair and makeup and the minutes were counting down, Leonie was never without a smile on her face as she embraced what the day had in store for her.

With dark clouds over head the bride arrived at the Sandringham Yacht Club ready to see her groom.  Surrounded by friends and family Rowan and Leonie said they're “I Do’s” in a beautifully emotional ceremony.  

When it came time for the photoshoot, with clouds gathering and rain looming the bride could have denied for the sake of her hair and gown she’d stay inside, but again, not this bride!  With bridal party in toe we headed out to the elements and within a couple of clicks of the camera the clouds opening, lightning cracked and wind blew as the bridal party ran back to cover, still with a smile spread across the brides face.

I’m sure it was the love between the couple and the smiles on their faces that encouraged the clouds to eventually part and we had an incredible moment as the sun shone brightly and the sun set across the ocean.

The smiles didn't fade as the reception followed with speeches, cake cutting and lots of dancing!

We may have not got a blue sky beach day the Bride and Groom had hoped for but watching a couple in love, wander amongst the boats of the yacht club, with the ground reflecting like glass from the rain and and the clouds hanging low, it was a stunning sight and one we were glad to capture.  Every wedding is unique and we feel privileged to tell that story.

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