Paul & Elysia

January 30, 2017


Paul and Elle’s wedding was never going to be anything less then amazing.  With both of them being very creative people along with Elle working in the wedding industry we knew we were going to have a very special day to capture and we did. 

From the minute we arrived at the property where Paul was getting ready we captured the handing out of gifts From Paul to his Groomsmen.  Not just any gift, but handcrafted wooden boxes filled in special gifts for each of them.  Then to arrive at the property where Elle had spent with previous evening with her bridesmaids where we began to see just how much detail Elle had gone to to make this day special.  

Elle started the day in a stunning white jumpsuit while at her request all the girls had worn outfits to match the colour of their bridesmaids outfits which would set the tone for the day.  

So much detail from the heirloom necklace Elle was given on this morning to the necklaces and special messages she had prepared for each of her bridesmaids.  Even making sure that each moment was captured form the time Elle showed her bridesmaids her dress for the first time till she was fully dressed and again the room was filled with tears when her bridesmaids saw her in her soft pink lace gown ready to walk down the aisle.

The day embodied the relaxed style that is Paul and Elle and seemed to move at a gentle and relaxed pace at The Riverstone Estate in Coldstream.  The setting was perfect for a couple with an amazing love story which was shown throughout the day as they celebrated with friends and family.  From the band to the Photo Booth you could tell it had been planned to ensure the day remain relaxed, full of love and laughter.

With a third and final outfit change into a stunning white lace dress the night became filled with fairy lights, dancing and some of the funniest speeches ever heard.  

It was a wedding of simple elegant details filled with happiness and laughter.  

A perfect day for a perfect couple.

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